Microlax adults 450 mg/5 ml + 45 mg/5 ml

Microlax adults 450 mg/5 ml + 45 mg/5 ml

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Medicine indicated in the treatment of rectal constipation. Can be used in constipation during pregnancy and in constipation associated with childbirth and surgery (pre- and post-operative use). Also indicated in preparation for endoscopies.


Sodium citrate + Sodium laurylsulfoacetate (active ingredient) evacuates the rectum and colon by a process of peptization of the fecal matters. This mechanism essentially consists in a physical chemical phenomenom in which there is the release of water, even in the hardest feces and consequently the liquifation of them. This phenomenon in molecular level causes the softening of the feces, proportioning a smooth defecation that does not affect the mucosa and does not cause any systemic or local reactions.

Active ingredients: Sodium citrate + Sodium laurylsulfoacetate 450 mg/5 ml + 45 mg/5 ml

Excipients and others constituents: Sorbitol solution (E 420) a 70% Glycerine, Sorbic acid, Purified water.

Store at room temperature, away from light and moisture.

Do not take this medication is case of allergy to any of the substances. Keep it away from children. Do not take this medication for longer than necessary without medical prescription This medication is not recommended in case you have hemorrhoids, anal or rectal fissures or hemorrhagic colites. It may have a light laxative effects.

Pregancy and breastfeeding:
If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, think you may be or are planning to become pregnant, consult your doctor or pharmacist before taking this medicine. 

How to use:
Before and after application, wash your hands well. Break the seal of the cannula and lightly squeeze the tube until a drop appears at the end of the cannula. Insert the cannula into the rectum as recommended by your doctor or pharmacist. Squeeze the tube until the entire contents are emptied. Remove the cannula from the rectum keeping the tube compressed..

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